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Jimmy Gerstel, Primetime Shopping Network, Treasure Hunter
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James (Jimmy) Gerstel has worked for over 30 years as a buyer and seller of precious metals and collectible coins. He developed over 100 individual coin collections for Panda America and has bought, sold and traded over 200 million dollars in precious metals and coins in the past 15 years.

He came from a family that owned a jewelry and coin business and his first experience in the marketplace was sourcing raw jewels and precious metals for that enterprise. This soon led Jimmy to a career in trading gold and silver and for the US Mint and eventually with international government mints.

Jimmy began work for Art & Coin Television as the treasure hunter in 2004, aired on DTV channel 223, and gained an instant following because of his deep numismatic knowledge and ability to get deals on coins and collectibles that no one else can get. He is deeply connected in the coin collecting community and is able to pass the benefits of these connections onto his clients.

Recently he began his own company called Primetime Shopping Network with Jewelry expert and host Jack Jackels

Sell coin, buy coins
Christina Salas worked as a production assistant for Art and Coin Television, where she met Jimmy in 2004, and also works with The Coin Shop Gold and Diamond Exchange owned and operated by Jimmy Gerstel. Currently Christina is the Operations Manager for Primetime Shopping Network.

She was born in Manila, Philippines on Clark Air Force Base, but grew up in Northern Californias gold country, in a growing town called Placerville. After graduating from Sacramento State University in theater and dance she moved to San Francisco where she continued to take classes for a master degree. While in San Francisco she was also part of a Salsa dancing group called Latin Symbolics with Ava Apple. She eventually moved to Los Angeles, California. As Jimmy's host assistant.

Christina has had the pleasure of being surrounded by coin experts. With her gained knowledge of coins, she has had the opportunity to host the coin show for ACTV herself. She has dealt with many rare coins in the world and learns more everyday about the business of collecting coins and the pleasure of sharing them with others.

Why Us?

Jimmy Gerstel has been buying and selling coins for over 30 years in the Los Angeles area. His experience has led him to many dealer friendships and contacts giving him the advantage of some of the best prices in numesmatics. His advantage is your advantage, always striving to pass our advantage onto the customers!